Ministry Discernment Team

Listening Circle Data


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  • Hover over nodes for more information
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Survey Form

Click here to view the direct responses from the listening circles in a google sheet:

Google Sheet


This interactive display maps the interconnected ideas, strengths, and fears shared during our congregational listening circles. Each circle (or 'node') represents a thought or response. The color and size of the nodes provide additional insights:

  • Blue, Red, Green nodes are individual responses.
  • Yellow nodes are topics (or tags) that connect individual responses
  • Green nodes indicate responses linked to two different topics.
  • Red nodes signify responses associated with three or more topics.

Lines (or 'edges') connect responses to common themes, illustrating the collective thoughts of our community. The size of a node reflects the number of times a particular response or topic was mentioned. To explore, hover your cursor over a node for detailed information, zoom in/out, or click and drag to navigate the visualization landscape.